Students Support


Students – Learning the Importance of Giving Back

Our endeavor is not only to provide excellence in programming but also opportunities for character development. Our students will hopefully impact our communities with quality healthcare. While individual student gifts may not be large, collectively they can make a real difference. The J.W. Vines Medical Foundation takes great pride in student support because it sends a message to all potential donors. When alumni and friends see that students are making their own gifts they are often inspired to contribute more, because they’re impressed by the generosity and commitment shown by our students.

Every gift from a student donor is treasured regardless of the size of the gift. It is a vote of confidence that creates a bond with the Foundation’s alumni and friends and unites them in a collective effort to address the needs of the underrepresented within our communities.

The J.W. Vines Medical Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization with a tax id number of 95-4600561.

Thank you for supporting something you believe in.

Making a Donation:

Supporting the J.W.M.F is easy.

  • Make a gift online through our secure server, on our home page.
  • Call (951) 888 0611 with any questions.
  • Write a check payable to the J.W. Vines Medical Foundation.
  • Email