Programs Details

We recognize that no one makes it alone. If we truly and honestly reflect on our achievements we must admit that somewhere along the line there was someone or something that intervened at the right time and the right moment that affected our lives in a positive way. With that in mind we at the J.W. Vines Medical Society, Inc. made the decision to develop programs to encourage underrepresented and underserved African American students that with the proper guidance they could succeed in the various professions of the healthcare industry, yes they could even become Doctors.

  • Student Support – The Foundation will provide financial and other resources to students applying to programs in the health professions. The type of assistance is dependent on student needs, but may include fees for entrance examinations, airfare to interviews at medical or other health professional schools, support for books, funds to offset moving expenses, etc. The intent of the student support program is to assist students (particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds or with limited resources) overcome barriers to their success.
  • Mentoring – The Foundation, in conjunction with the Vines Medical Society will match college students interested in the health professions with mentors. The mentoring program will offer students support and access to individuals in their field of interest.
  • Skill Building Workshops – Students interested in entering medical school or other health professional schools will be able to take part in skill building workshops that will include but not be limited to: Preparing your statement for entrance, Interviewing techniques, Resume writing, and Conducting and publishing research. These workshops will be designed to increase the skills of students, to expose them to opportunities in the health professions and to prepare them for entrance into programs, and well as prepare them to successfully complete their programs.
  • Student Mentors – College students in math and science programs will be matched with high school students interested in math and science majors in college. College students will serve as tutors and/or mentors to these young students and will assist them in understanding the tools necessary for success in college.
  • Elma Vines Summer Health Academy – A four to six week paid program which allows students to work in the offices of surgeons, general practitioners, pediatricians, and urologists. The students get the unique opportunity of shadowing the various physicians, work with office staff in addition to receiving specific assignments at each location, creating quite the memorable experience. To apply for 2020 EVSHA, please click here.