Q :- How long is the mission trip?
A :- 9 days, 2 days are used for travel
LAX to MIA about 6 hours, then MIA to Haiti about 2 hours.

Q :- Will I need spending money?
A :- Yes, a minimum of $100

Q :- Can I attend the mission trip without a sponsorship?
A :- Yes, the travel expense is $1500

Q :- Will I need a passport?
A :- Yes you can apply for a passport at your local Federal Post Office. Please be aware of the passport fee and execution fee
More information at www.travel.state.gov.

Q :- Will I need travel vaccines?
A :- Yes, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Malaria vaccines will be required
These vaccinations will be provided to you by the Loma Linda Travel Clinic

Q :- Will lodging and daily meals be provided?
A :- Yes

Q :- Who will be supervising me?
A :- Vines Society physicians, Inland Empire physicians, medical students, and H3
Missions programmers

Q :- Do I need any medical training?
A :- No, you will be able to assist the health professionals with out any medical training

Q :- Must I be an undergraduate to participate?
A :- No, you do not need to be an undergraduate student. Successful applicants are interested in seeking a professional degree in health care. All applicants must have completed high school.

Q :- Do I need clinical experience?
A :- No, clinical experience is necessary. The physician proctors understand that you do not have clinical experience.

Q :- Is this a paid internship?
A :- Yes, a $1500 stipend paid in two payments, bi-weekly.

Q :- Can I attend summer school during the academy?
A :- No you are expected to mimic the physician’s schedule and summer school will put a strain on your ability to shadow your weekly physicians.

Q :- Where is the academy located?
A :- You will have multiple locations due to the four or more different physicians you will be shadowing. Physician’s offices are located from Yucaipa to Moreno Valley. Thus proof of transportation needs to be present at the interview in the form of driver’s license and registration.